Your plans for 2018 and beyond – Focus on the long game

17th January 2018

A New Year brings a fresh mindset – an opportunity to take stock and re-focus for the year ahead, in both our personal and financial lives.

The year starts with the Winter Olympics in South Korea and in February we enter the Chinese New Year of the dog, symbolising loyalty and honesty. With a royal wedding and Commonwealth Games in the springtime – anticipation hangs in the air, before the World Cup in Russia kicks off in June – exciting times ahead.


It’s also a time for reflection. Geopolitical and economic uncertainties have become consistent features that will not dissipate overnight, as Brexit negotiations continue. Despite uncertainty being the order of the day over the past year, all major stock markets have generated healthy positive returns.

The performance of the UK stock market has defied investors’ concerns. The UK remains home to some of the world’s most successful businesses that have demonstrated an ability to thrive regardless of the economic and political backdrop.

Looking globally, in the US economic fundamentals are supportive. Europe has performed strongly, encouraging elections (albeit inconclusive in Germany’s case) boosting investor sentiment, the outlook for the region remains bright. Elsewhere, against an improving global economic backdrop, investor sentiment towards Asia and emerging markets has seen a resurgence, rapid growth and multiple market opportunities.


What’s important is that as an investor, you regard the New Year as the perfect time to revisit your investment objectives. By visualising your objectives as connected to your aspirations and hopes, you can engage with your future wealth; a great motivator.

Think about your attitude to risk and capacity for loss. Have they altered? If so, this will need to be reflected in the allocation of your assets. Clear communication of these changes is key.


Think about all of your investments collectively to ensure the full allocation of assets, including cash, does not duplicate and is a true reflection of your risk requirement; portfolio diversification is crucial. Long-term investment should transcend short-term concerns – don’t let events cloud your judgement. Investors would do well to understand the broad, historical context of the stock market and fund managers’ long-term histories.


Investing in a changing world presents different opportunities and exciting new themes. Get re-energised for the year ahead and take control of your investment strategy. Displaying the same attributes as the loyal and honest dog – you can rely on us to guide you through your investment journey.


The above is purely for information purposes only and does not constitute financial advice.